Salient Points From The Annual Parish Meeting - 9 May 2017

Thames Valley Police: Tries to be in the village as much as possible. Low crime in Standlake – only 5 recordable offences; a decrease of 55% compared with previous year. Continue to liaise with school re parking but very difficult to enforce.

Lower Windrush Tennis Club: LWTC Treasurer presented the full plans for new clubhouse proposal which have been advertised around the village; no encroachment on playground and water/sewage agreed with Village Hall and will now proceed to planning application stage. A member of the public stated his continued objection to any expansion to the tennis facilities on the recreation ground.

Spitfire Homes: Parish Council has no obtained extension to the consultation period so the application will be formally considered at the PC meeting on 13th June. Presentation by SOS and their planning consultant who considers there are many valid grounds for objection. In short: It is their opinion that the development is completely unsustainable and will have a significant detrimental impact on the character of the village.  It will harm important local heritage and archaeology and put unmanageable pressure on the village sewerage and drainage systems.   The ecology report has highlighted that the area is an important habitat for wildlife including several bat populations and the transport report indicates a threat to pedestrian and traffic safety. A number of residents expressed their concern along the same lines including sewage/drainage, traffic and fear of further development along the same lines. A member of the public asked the council to consider that the building of more affordable homes in Standlake may be welcomed by those who currently find it difficult to obtain housing in the village.

District Councillor’s Report: New Local Plan is now being examined by inspector at WODC in Witney -0 public can attend and listen. New waste contractors take over in the next few months with changes to collection of waste and recycling.

County Councillor’s Report: Stonehenge gravel extraction to begin shortly with pipe under road to move gravel to Lynch Hill for processing. £35 million to be spent on bus lane on A40 with Park and Ride at Eynsham.

Matters Arising:

Busses – 15 and 18 are being well used following trial period and County Council are satisfied with the arrangement.

Speeding: Continues to concern many and Parish Council have started a ‘Speedwatch’ programme as there is no monitoring or enforcement except occasionally on the Abingdon Road. Those recorded as over the limit for 2nd time get letter from TVP and a visit if caught again. Volunteers welcome to join the programme.

Village Hall Car Park: Now re-gravelled with help of £1800 donation from PC.  

Parking at School: Covered by TVP report but PC will continue to liaise with the school, but persuading a constantly changing group of parents to use the car park is a challenge.

Litter Bin at Post Office: Moving this would be impossible without the use of large machinery due to massive concrete base underground entangled with tree roots.      

Public Items: Mostly concerned with matters already raised – speeding, parking at school, development etc. Concern over loss of access across Glebe field between Hornsway and Martin’s Lane; there is no public right of way here, no evidence of continued use to make a case for a RoW, and the old hedge marking the boundary between fields was (illegally) grubbed up many years ago.