Minutes of The Annual General Meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 22nd May 2018 at 7.30pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor      Chairman

          Mr. J. Hunt

          Mr. J. Rippin

          Mr. D. Bevan       Clerk

Mr. C. Mathew (OCC councillor), Mr. S. Good ( WODC councillor), Mrs. H. Milne, Mr. S Jones,

Mrs. S. Garrett, Mr. S Hoskin, Mrs. S Adams

1.      APOLOGIES – there were no apologies.


Mr. Naylor stood down as chairman; Mr. Rippin assumed the chair and asked for nominations for chairman.

Mr. Hunt proposed Mr. Naylor as chairman, seconded by Mr. Rippin; passed unanimously.

 Mr. Naylor signed his acceptance of office and re-convened the meeting as chairman

Co-option of councillors. The following were co-opted and signed their acceptance of office

Stephen Jones          143 Abingdon Rd, Standlake OX29 7QN

Samantha Garrett    3 High St., Standlake OX29 7RZ

Samuel E G Hoskin   Hawthorn Cottage, The Downs, Standlake  OX29 7SH

Susan Adams,           84A Abingdon Rd., Standlake OX29 7RN

Mr. Naylor welcomed the new councillors and aid they could now take their full part in the meeting. He then called for nominations for Vice Chairman and and Responsible Financial Officer.

Mr. Hunt proposed Mr. Rippin as vice chairman, seconded by Mr. Naylor; passed unanimously. Mr. Rippin   signed his acceptance of office

Mr. Naylor proposed Mr. D. Bevan (Clerk) as Responsible Financial Officer to the council, seconded by Mr. Hunt; passed unanimously.

Mr. Rippin agreed to act as the council trustee on the Poor’s Allotments Charity, agreed unanimously.

Mrs. Garrett agreed to be council representative on the Village Hall committee, agreed unanimously.

3.      PUBLIC ITEMS – none.

4.      COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S REPORTS – Mr. Mathew had information only on the Minerals Core Strategy 2031 and it was clear that new areas for digging were being considered; he id not have any details but would advise if any of the recommendations affected Standlake. Mr. Good gave a summary of changes in the cabinet following the recent election. Mr. Good is now cabinet member for Environment and Housing.

5.      DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – there were no declarations of interest.

6.      PLANNING

18/01127/HHD: Refurbishment and extensions to existing cottage: Gaunt Mill Cottage Standlake Oxfordshire: Mr And Mrs Glynn.  No objection.

7.      MINUTES - Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th April 2018, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


CCTV – there is no further information and Mr. Hunt suggested that this matter be dropped for the moment; this was agreed.

GDPR – the clerk has received new information which indicates that the government are going to drop the requirement to appoint a Data Protection Officer for small organisations such a parish councils. The clerk has carried out a data audit and is of the opinion that we do not hold personal data other than the addresses of those who have contacted the council, however he will keep the council updated as the requirements become clearer.

Roads/Speeding – Mrs. L. Rollinson (High St.) has emailed expressing concern about the parking at the junction of High St. and Abingdon Rd. This concern was echoed by members of the council and, after discussion, it was decided to approach OCC again regarding the provision of double yellow lines immediately prior to the junction.

Flooding/Sewers/Winter – there has still been no response regarding provision of winter grit bins; the clerk will contact them again.

Village Hall Land Status – nothing further to report at this meeting..

Playground/Recreation Ground Maintenance – the dangerous tree has been remove by persons unknown but it is assumed by Meadowview Nursing Home management following the clerk’s email to them. The areas around the play equipment need weeding and re-barking; the clerk will arrange with Mr. Pascoe. The fence and gates around the playground need refurbishing and it had been decided at a previous meeting to leave this until the LWTC new clubhouse was constructed. However, the timetable for this is not known and Mr. Hunt said he would investigate and let the clerk know of the latest plans.

‘Battles Over’ commemoration – nothing further to report..

General Maintenance – the refurbishing of the ‘village gates’ will commence soon. The clerk has applied for a grant of £850 from the County Councillor’s fund. Mr. Mathew confirmed he had received this but not yet processed it.

Footpaths – the clerk has contacted OCC Rights of Way regarding the use of Martins Lane by vehicles and they confirm that this is illegal. Apparently it is not possible to restrict entrance by a barrier but OCC will put up signs at both end making drivers aware that it is not a road but a bridleway. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Garrett expressed concern at the overgrowth of Hornsway. It was agreed that the clerk should arrange for this to cut..

Busses/ Bus Stops – the clerk has not yet succeeded in contacting the cleaner but will do so.           

9.      CORRESPONDENCE – Mrs. L Rollinson re parking near High St./Abingdon Rd. junction – see matters arising/roads.

10.   ACCOUNTS – the following accounts were approved for payment.

Absolute Solutions – grass cutting/litter pick etc                                                                  325.00

Absolute Solutions – grass cutting/litter pick/ The Butts cutting etc                                    365.00

Came & Co – insurance renewal                                                                                              888.17


11.   INSURANCE RENEWAL 2018/19 – the clerk said the renewal premium was the same as last year as we have a fixed 3 year contract with the insurers.

12.   APPROVAL OF STANDLAKE WELFARE TRUST TRUSTEES – under the terms of the trust the parish council is required too approve any change of trustees. The Trustees are the Rector (Rev. Drew Tweedie), R J Smith (present Chairman), Keith Johnson, Suzanne Jones, Jane List and, appointed last month, Sarah Bright of the High St Standlake. There were no objections and were duly approved.

13.   DATE OF ANNUAL PARISH MEETING – It was agreed that the APM be held on the same day as the June meeting.

14.   CHANGE DATE OF JUNE MEETING TO 19th – the clerk will be away on the 12th June and it was agreed that the meeting be moved to the 19th June. To accommodate the APM the meeting will start at &.00pm with the APM following at 8.00pm.

15.   ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Mr. Hunt confirmed his decision to resign; Mr. Naylor thanked him for his work and hoped that he would return in the future. There being no further business the meeting closed at  9.15pm


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