Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 19th December 2017 at 7.30pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor      Chairman

          Mrs. B. Smith

          Mr. J Rippin

          Mr. J. Hunt

          Mr. D. Bevan       Clerk

Mr. C. Francis – LWTC Treasurer.

1.      APOLOGIES – Mr. N. Owens, Mr. P. Willis, Mrs. J. Clements.

2.      PUBLIC ITEMS – Mr. Francis was attending to observe the discussion on the LWTC clubhouse planning application


4.      DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Mr. Naylor and Mr. Hunt declared a non-pecuniary interest as members of the LWTC.

5.      PLANNING

17/03747/HHD: Erection of conservatory to rear elevation: Orchard Lodge 69B High Street Standlake: Mrs. Webb. No objection

17/03682/HHD: Proposed single storey extension, new external terrace and exterior re-modelling to include timber cladding and rubble stone walling: 11 High Street Standlake Witney: Mrs Penny Deeker. No objection.

17/03706/FUL: Building of changing room/clubhouse facilities for the Lower Windrush Tennis Club (LWTC) adjacent to the Tennis Courts. Tennis Courts Rack End Standlake: Mr Francis. No objection.

Application for Variation of Premises Licence: The Black Horse 81 High Street Standlake Witney Oxfordshire OX29 7RH: The Licensing Act 2003. No objection.

17/03791/ADV; 17/03797/LBC Erection of various externally illuminated and non-illuminated signage. : The Black Horse 81 High Street Standlake: Greene King Ltd. No objection.

6.      MINUTES - Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th November 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman after an amendment by Mrs. B. Smith regarding refuse collection in Standlake.

7.      MATTERS ARISING – request from Village Hall chair. The clerk has received a reply after requesting more information and Mr. Barber has stated that he is grateful the council has passed on the request for volunteers. He also clarified his statement regarding funding and is not looking for extra council contributions at this time.

8.      CORRESPONDENCE – request from Oxon Association for the Blind for donation. It was unanimously agreed that a donation of £50 be paid.

9.      ACCOUNTS – the following accounts were approved for payment.

Absolute Solutions – grass cutting                                                                                       £360.00

DC Bevan – clerk salary and expenses                                                                                £1221.60

HMRC – clerk PAYE                                                                                                               £292.40


The clerk has now closed the deposit account and in future the balance will be included in the current account figure..

10.   BUDGET 2018/19 – The clerk said he now had a more accurate estimate for the closing bank balance at the end of the year; he suggested that there was scope to reduce the amount of the precept by up to £750. After discussion it was unanimously agreed that, taking into account the continuing reduction in support grants from central government and more services being pushed down to parish councils, the precept for 2010/19 should remain at £25000.


11.   ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Mr. Hunt expressed his concern about Martin’s Lane and Hornsway following the recent bad weather. The clerk said that Martin’s Lane is the responsibility of the Standlake Drainage Board and he will make contact with the Board chairman in the New Year; Mr. Pascoe will be looking at Hornsway in the near future.

12.   Mr. Naylor thanked all the councillors for their work during the year and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.25 pm.



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