Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 14th February 2012 at 7.00pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor                                 Chairman

          Mrs. J. Bayliss

          Mr. J. Rippin

          Mrs. J. Perry

          Mrs. B. Smith

          Mrs. J. Clements

          Mr. D. Bevan                                  Clerk


Cllr. (OCC) Mr. C. Mathew, Cllr. (WODC) Mrs. H. Fenton, Mr and Mrs. Stonebridge (River Walk Church End)

1.          APOLOGIES - apologies were received from Mr. R. Reddy,  Cllr (WODC) Mr. S. Good

2.          PUBLIC ITEMS

Mr and Mrs. Stonebridge raised concerns about the parking outside the school. Two separate incidents, one involving a near accident with a child and the other the inability of an ambulance to access River Walk because of the parking, were of particular concern and asked what was being done to alieviate the problem.

Mr. Naylor explained that the council were continually trying to find a solution. The large car park at the church had been provided with the hope that it would be used by parents; this has not happened and neither the council nor the school, which continually encourages parents to use this facility, have any power to enforce where parents park to deliver/collect their children. Mr. Mathew is actively engaged with OCC Highways with a view to providing double yellow lines to make parking illegal in that area. The council will continue to press for a solution and Mr. Rippin will raise the matter at the next Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) meeting.

Mr. Mathew asked the meeting to consider what projects might be helped by the Area Stewardship fund in the coming financial yesr. Mr. Naylor asked all members to consider this and coordinate any suggestions through the clerk.

Mr. Naylor opened the meeting at 7.40pm.

3.          PLANNING - See attached planning record

12/0001/P/FP Conversion of barn to dwelling, vehicular access – Fletchers Farm 133 Abingdon Rd: This application has now been withdrawn.

12/0185/P/FP    New porch, access, driveway at The Cottage, 7 Church End. The proposal to have a new vehicular access onto Church End at this point would be dangerous and there will be no room for vehicles to turn within the proposed drive. Comment to this effect but aware that access is a County matter.

12/0075/F/PF Detached dwelling and access at 59 High Street. Comment that roof material colour must be in keeping with those in immediate vicinity.

Mrs. Smith said that there were lessons to be learned from the development at Fletcher’s Farm. It was a surprise to all concerned that the farm was not a listed building and Mrs. Smith urged everyone to look around the village and note any other unlisted buildings that, while not listed, might need protection by conservation orders. A record of listed buildings in Standlake can be found at .

4.          MINUTES

Minutes of the meeting held on 10th January 2012, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


Flooding, Winter & Emergency Planning – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

A415, Newbridge – Mr. Mathew has spoken to the installer of the camera and their assessment is that there has been a significant reduction in the number of HGV violators.

Traffic/Speeding – Mr. Mathew asked if the proposed sites for the VAS signs on The Downs were acceptable and it was agreed that this was so. Mr. Mathew will progress the installation with OCC..

Highway Maintenance – Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Bayliss commented on the very good job done by Highways in Shifford Lane..

Footpaths – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Windrush Way Play Area – The meeting with Cottsway regarding the possibility of converting the whole car parking area into a community park, or similar, was inconclusive and no further action is expected. Mrs. Smith is now awaiting news on the grant request to WREN and plans are in hand to run a fundraising bingo event. Mrs. Smith also reported that the family of Mrs. Linda Cox, who died recently, have kindly asked for donations in lieu of flowers to be given to the Windy Way Play Park fund.

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance –. The Clerk has received a request from Mrs. Sadler on behalf of FOSS for permission to hold the annual  fete at the recreation ground in July. This was approved but the clerk will stress in his reply that the ‘no dogs on the recreation ground’ rule must be strictly enforced this year.

Mrs. Perry reported that the replacement pieces for the roundabout have arrived. Also, repairs were needed to the slide and junior swings. It was agreed that the work should g ahead and Mrs. Perry will organize.

Kebab/Hamburger Van – Nothing further to report at this meeting and this matter will be dropped unless there are further developments.


Mrs. Bayliss reported that a committee has been formed and planning is now moving ahead for celebrations on 5th June to include: a performance by the Standlake Players; picnic lunch; bonfire and fireworks; tea for seniors. It is proposed that commemorative mugs be presented to all children in the village. Flyers will be distributed to all households in the next two weeks. Mr. Naylor thanked Mrs. Bayliss for driving this forward and it was agreed that the council would contribute towards the funding and decide on an amount when the costs were better known.

7.          CORRESPONDENCE - See attached correspondence record.

A letter has been received from St. Giles PCC requesting more financial help with the maintenance of the churchyard (the area surrounding the church proper). The core of volunteers who used to carry out this task is no longer there and it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford commercial rates (2011 figure was approximately £2300 for grass cutting alone).

The PCC points out that if they were to formally declare the graveyard ‘closed’ then, under Section 215 of the Local Government Act, this would become the responsibility of the parish. The clerk was of the opinion that this was to be avoided as it would effectively mean taking on the maintenance of not just the grass but walls, fences etc. as well; though under the Act, the council did have the option of declining to take on this work and pass it to WODC.

It was agreed that, in the light of commitments to the Windy Way project and the Jubilee celebrations,  there was no scope to increase the present grant of £800 in the coming financial year. The general consensus was that any decision would have to be made during the 2013/2014 budget discussions in October 2012. In the meantime it was suggested that the PCC send representatives to the APM, to put their case to a wider village forum, and also to be present at the budget discussions in October.

8.          ACCOUNTS

The following accounts were approved for payment:

St Giles PCC - c'yard upkeep 2nd half 2011/12      400.00

Wicksteed Leisure - p'ground repairs                    240.86

The clerk reported that the single sheet photocopier (the only piece of office equipment owned by the council) has finally failed beyond repair after nearly 17 years. He recommended that this be replaced with a laser copier/scanner/printer at approximately £85. This was agreed.

9.          MEMBER’S REPORTS

Mrs. Clements has been asked if the existing bus stops can be reviewed as there is a large gap between the Woodlands/Bell stop and Martin’s Lane on The Downs. Mrs. Smith will contact the resident concerned and pass on the contact details at OCC.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00 pm

......................................................................................Chairman   .......................................................................... Date







Notice of Council Tax


Notice of District Election

St Giles PCC

Acknowledgement of graveyard upkeep grant and letter

Yellow Submarine Holidays

Request for grant

Wicksteed Leisure


Clerks & Councils Direct










Construction of agricultural worker’s dwelling – Underdown Farm, The Downs


Conversion of barn to dwelling and new access – Fletcher’s Farm, Abingdon Rd


Extension and subdivision to create two dwellings – 12 Manor Crescent


Removal of fencing, erection of new stone wall with V Access – 27 Aston Rd B’hampton


Grant of permission – amendment to allow use of coloured render – 4 Heyford Close


Grant of permission – Construction of detached dwelling – 59 High St