Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 13th November 2012 at 7.00pm.


          Mr. C Naylor                                  Chairman

          Mr. R. Reddy                                  Vice Chairman

          Mr. J. Rippin

          Mrs. J. Perry

          Mrs. J. Bayliss

          Mrs. B. Smith

          Mrs. J. Clements


          Mr. D. Bevan                                  Clerk


Cllr (WODC) Mrs. H. Fenton, Cllr (OCC) Mr. C. Mathew, Mr. P. Clements


1.          APOLOGIES – there were no apologies.

2.          PUBLIC ITEMS – no members of the public wished to speak.

Both Mr. Mathew and Mrs. Fenton stressed the importance of responding to the WODC draft Local Plan. Mrs. Smith said she had responded as an individual and expressed concern about the provision of affordable housing. The clerk noted that in reading the hard copy (in correspondence file) the division of areas paid scant attention to villages and concentrated only on larger centres of population; furthermore the whole document seemed very vague with none of the specific policy frameworks found in the current plan. Also, the timescale of the consultation was very tight ending as it does on 19th December. Mr. Naylor asked all councillors to e mail their views to him and he would coordinate a response.


Mr. Naylor declared an interest as a member of the Lower Windrush Tennis Club and will withdraw from the budget discussion reviewing the Tennis Club ground rent.

4.           PLANNING - See attached planning record.

There were no objections to any of the applications. The grant of permission for the development of Fletcher’s Farm does not give the assurances regarding materials which the council had requested when approving the application; the clerk will email WODC planning reiterating the council’s concerns.

5.          MINUTES

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th October 2012, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


Busses, Bus Stops – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Windrush Way Play Park – Following the repayment of £1000 to Poor’s Allotments Charity, it was decided that the remaining funds would allow the installation of a small roundabout which had been dropped from the original plans because of doubts about funding. Mrs. Smith has ordered this item and installation is awaited. The memorial bench is now in place.

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance – The worn shackles have been replaced and Mr. Rippin will examine some reported minor maintenance issues this weekend. As briefly discussed at the October meeting the hedge and ditch along the eastern boundary (Long Mile) of the recreation ground is in serious need of maintenance. This ditch is a vital part of the drain system from Rack End and a quotation for £830 has been received to flail cut the hedge, clear the ditch with a digger and remove a large quantity of litter. It was decided to accept this and have the work carried out as soon as possible.

Traffic/Speeding –The clerk has spoken to the manager at the park who has agreed to look into the provision of a white line before the footpath. In the meanwhile, it has been observed that a ‘STOP’ notice has been placed on the wall immediately prior to the footpath. Councillors continued to express concern for the safety of pedestrians walking up from the Black Horse and the clerk will contact the park management again and express these concerns again.

Highway Maintenance – Since the inspection with OCC Highways, some maintenance has been carried out including in Shifford Lane as far as the Mulberry Bush School entrance.

Flooding, Winter & Emergency Planning – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Footpaths – OCC have advised the clerk that approval has been given for the path between Aston Road and Abingdon Road, Brighthampton. The clerk will monitor progress and hasten as necessary.

Roads, Newbridge – Following damage to ‘The Downs’ sign at Underdown Farm and a request for a road nameplate at the junction with ‘Downs Road’ and the A415, WODC has agreed to make the following changes. Detailed examination of original documents show that ‘The Downs’ becomes ‘Downs Road’ at Hardwick Park and new signs will be paced to make this clear; i.e. ‘Downs Road’ at the A415 Junction and the north side of the park entrance and ‘The Downs’ at the south side. It is appreciated that this will not help the problem of HGVs looking for ‘Downs Road’ Witney but WODC and OCC consider this a problem with Satnav and not signage.

Mr. Naylor has emailed Trading Standards regarding the increase in HGVs and requesting information on traffic monitoring at Newbridge. He has also asked for a breakdown of prosecutions brought in the last 3 years; a reply is awaited.

7.          CORRESPONDENCE - See attached correspondence record.

8.          ACCOUNTS

Mrs B. Smith - cement Wway Play park                                       18.15

Cottsway - Wway ground rent 2012                                            10.00

St Giles PCC - churchyard upkeep 2nd half 2012/13                  400.00

Absolute solutions - mowing x 2                                              600.00

Poors Allotments Charity - refund of Wway donation             1,000.00

M. Prickett - replace bolts etc playground                                 100.00

9.          BUDGET 2013/14

The budget discussions at the October meeting were reviewed and further proposals considered. At the suggestion of Mrs. Perry it was decided that funds be set aside each year (£750) to accommodate the replacement of some of the major items in the recreation/playground. Some of these predate the last major refurbishment in 2003/4 and could not be replaced within the annual maintenance budget.

In addition to increases for: audit fees (turnover in 2012/13 > £50k); clerk  expenses (PAYE now due on expenses); the insurance premium (due to W’way play park); grass cutting, it was decided that the contribution to the churchyard upkeep be increased to £1200 pa. The Lower Windrush Tennis Club ground rent was reviewed and increased to £600. In all, the anticipated Precept will be £21000, £500 less than 2012/13. Click here for budget figures


Mrs. Bayliss noted that an employee of the Mulberry Bush School was depositing fallen leaves in the ditch in Shifford Lane. She has spoken to the employee and to the school.

Mr. Rippin passed on the Scouts’ thanks for the use of the recreation ground for their annual Fireworks

Mrs. Clements again passed on the complaint of an Abingdon Road (84A) resident regarding the overgrown hedge adjoining her property. Mrs. Bayliss has spoken to the hedge owner but as there is no obstruction to the highway (there being no footpath on that side) there is little more the council can do.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 11th December and the 2013/14 Precept will be set. The clerk reminded the meeting that, as usual, the December meeting will deal with essential business only. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.20 pm



...................................................................................... Chairman   .................................................................... Date












Draft Local Plan









Erection of side extension and new vehicle access – 21 Heyford Close


Works to convert 2 houses into single dwelling (retrospective) – 58 Rack End


Erection of building to house refrigeration unit – Hardwick Parks


Change of use store to office + % car spaces – Simpla Ltd, Harcourt House, Cotswold Dene


Grant of permission – demolition of existing, erection of 2 dwellings etc - Fletcher’s Farm


Grant of permission – erection of single storey extn, etc – Rectory Cottage, The Old Rectory


Grant of permission – erection of single storey extn, etc – Rectory Cottage, The Old Rectory