Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 13th June 2017 at 7.30pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor                                 Chairman

          Mrs. B Smith

          Mrs. J Clements

Mr. J Rippin

Mr. J Hunt


          Mr. D. Bevan                                  Clerk

Cllr (OCC) Mr. C. Mathew, Cllr (WODC) Mr. S. Good and 14 members of the public

1.             APOLOGIES –apologies were received from Mr. Willis, Mr. Owens.

2.             PUBLIC ITEMS –Mr. Naylor ascertained that no members of the public wished to speak on any specific subject but wished to observe the council’s decision making on the Spitfire Homes application.

3.             COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S REPORTS – Mr. Mathew said that he had little to report that he has made clear to OCC his objection to the A40 plans; specifically that the Eynsham Park & Ride/Bus lanes were impractical, would not significantly address the congestion and were a waste of money.

Mr. Good said he had nothing significant to report.

4.             DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest.

5.             PLANNING

17/00965/FUL: Application for full planning permission for residential development comprising 46 dwellings, together with access, landscaping and associated infrastructure: Land South East Of Lancott Lane Brighthampton; Spitfire Homes.

Mr. Naylor said that the councillors had examined the application and listened to the resident’s views both at the APM and more widely; he suggested that there was no need to re-visit all the arguments at this meeting and that the council should proceed to a vote. Mr. Rippin said that the proposal did have some merit in the provision of affordable housing but, on balance, it was not acceptable. Mrs. Smith said she had written her own letter of objection based around the provisions of the emerging local plan. Mr. Naylor then called for a vote and the proposal to object was passed unanimously.

Rather than spend time at the meeting examining each point of objection, the clerk will coordinate the various objections and produce a letter to WODC which will be circulated for approval before submission; once approved this will be attached to these minutes.

Objection – see attached letter to WODC

17/01392/LBC; Internal and external alterations to refurbish property including changes to internal layout, new thatched roof and replacement windows (Part retrospective); Midway Lancott Lane Brighthampton; Mr Anthony Ward. No objection.

17/01446/FUL: Installation of air floatation treatment plant: Enterprise House Lakeside Industrial Park Cotswold Dene: Mr Robert Ennels. No objection.

7/01569/FUL: Erection of replacement dwelling: 82 Abingdon Road Standlake Witney: Mr Andrew Cleevely. No objection.

17/01623/FUL: Change of use from waste recycling (B2 general industrial use class) and parking to B8 (storage and distribution use class) and parking: Hardwick Quarry Downs Road Standlake; Mrs Adele Hawes. No objection.

6.             MINUTES - Minutes of the Meeting held on 9th May 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.

7.             MATTERS ARISING 

Roads, Newbridge – Mr. Naylor now has the letters regarding on-street parking in High St.: Mr. Hunt will arrange for distribution.

Footpaths – Mr. Naylor has visited Lincoln Farm Park regarding the danger of vehicles exiting the park across the public footpath on High St. The current owner is not resident on site and is presently away but the staff have agreed to forward Mr. Naylor’s request for a meeting.

Mrs. Smith has received a complaint regarding the overgrown state of Hornsway including some low hanging branches. As in the past, the clerk said this is the responsibility of OCC Highways and Mr. Mathew had indicated at a previous meeting that there should be two cuts carried out per year. As to the branches, previous correspondence with OCC has resulted in a stalemate; OCC highways accept no responsibility but claim that lies with the adjacent landowners. The clerk pointed out at the time that, if this was the case, only OCC had the powers to investigate and enforce compliance but received no further communication.  Mr. Hunt pressed for the parish council to act on its own. The the clerk pointed out that, while there was no reason not to do this, councillors would have to accept that taking on these commitments (which are the responsibility of OCC) would inevitably result in another increase in the precept. After some discussion it was decided that, in the first instance, the clerk would contact OCC with a strong demand to take action and inform us of when the work will commence. Mr. Rippin volunteered to see if he could cut back the worst of the branches obstructing the footpath.

Playground/Recreation Ground – Mr. Naylor will arrange for the no dogs signs.

LWTC Club House – The clerk has received the plans for the provision of water and sewage services to the proposed clubhouse. They arrived too late for this meeting and will be on the agenda for July.

Traffic/Speeding - Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Busses/Bus Stops - Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Highway Maintenance – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Flooding/Sewers etc. - Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Spitfire Homes – See Planning.

8.             CORRESPONDENCE – There was no significant correspondence.

9.             ACCOUNTS – the following accounts were approved for payment.

Came & Co – insurance premium (paid 01/06)                                                                             870.75

Absolute Solutions – mowing (paid 18/05)                                                                                 315.00

Absolute Solutions – mowing (paid 02/06)                                                                                 315.00

D C Bevan – clerk salary & expenses (1221.60) photocopying (28.00)                                           1249.60

HMRC – clerk PAYE                                                                                                                    292.40

Giles PCC – churchyard upkeep 1st payment                                                                                600.00

Standlake Village Hall – car park/waste contrib’n                                                                       600.00

Standlake Youth Club – annual contrib’n for use of club                                                             150.00

10.           ANY OTHER BUSINESS – There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.150pm.



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Standlake Parish Council – Objection to Application 17/00965/FUL Land South East Of Lancott Lane Brighthampton

Standlake PC objects to the application as follows:

It is in contravention of the emerging local plan; for specific details, see below*.

It is in contravention of existing local plan; specifically policies H4 and H6.

It would remove the last significant break between 2 settlements: Standlake/ Brighthampton. This development will automatically join together the two historic settlements – an historic gap which has been preserved for generations by successive Planning Authorities.

The development would far exceed the capacity of existing sewage capacity as stated by Thames Water. In addition, it would overwhelm the drainage system which has frequently resulted in localised flooding. Neither of these vital considerations is satisfactorily addressed in the application.*

In a village of some 560 dwellings this near 10% increase would represent an unacceptable impact and would create a precedent which could potentially change the character of the village permanently.

The access out of the development is on to a busy A road with poor sight lines.  Furthermore, the pedestrian access, along the road to the village facilities, consists of a single sub-standard footpath on the opposite side from the development.*

Given the lack of work opportunities in Standlake, it is inevitable that yet more vehicular traffic will be generated on local roads by at least 100 per day; in no way can this be considered sustainable. .* The local bus services have been severely reduced with the direct link to Oxford being removed altogether. The remaining ‘rush hour’ timetable does not provide a flexible enough service for commuters and, consequently, the proposed development will increase the need for travel, not reduce it..*

There will be an impact, admitted in the application, on listed buildings on Lancott Lane.

The development would remove the last public view over open countryside on the Abingdon Road. These open green spaces have been acknowledged as being an integral part of the landscape and character of Standlake and Brighthampton by planning inspectors ruling on smaller and significantly less intrusive applications.

There is evidence of an area of archaeological importance on the site.

*Many of the above objections are specifically covered by the emerging local plan 2011 - 2013. They are, inter alia:

Policy CO10: before any planning permission is given for development WODC must “Ensure that land is not released for new development until the supporting infrastructure and facilities are secured.”.

Policy CO4: new residential development will be supported …...where it will ”reduce the need to travel”.

On Page 38 the third bullet point under General Principles for Development states: “Avoid the coalescence and loss of identity of historic settlements”

Finally, the council fully endorses the planning consultant’s report prepared for the SOS group; a copy of which has been lodged with WODC as an objection to the application.