Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 12th September 2017 at 7.30pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor                                Chairman

          Mr. P. Willis                                  Vice Chairman

          Mrs. J Clements

Mr. J Rippin

Mrs. B. Smith

Mr. N. Owens

Mr. J. Hunt


          Mr. D. Bevan                                 Clerk

13 members of the public

1.      APOLOGIES –apologies were received from Mr. Mathew, Mr. Good,  Mrs. Fenton.

2.      PUBLIC ITEMS –Mr. Naylor asked if any members of the public wished to speak on any matter other than the application 17/02568/OUT for a development on The Downs; none wished to do so.


4.      DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Mrs. Smith declared a non-pecuniary interest in application 17/02465/HHD – 97 High St.

5.      PLANNING

17/02340/LBC: Conversion of loft. 17/02339/HHD: Conversion of loft. Locks Cottage 9 High Street Standlake: Mrs F Gordon.  No objection

17/02465/HHD: Proposed new roof between two existing dormers: 97 High Street Standlake: Mrs Helen Backhouse.  No Objection

17/02457/FUL: Construction of detached dwelling: Weavers Cottage 1 Chapel Lane Standlake: Mr and Mrs Paul and Jenny Harflett. Objection: overdevelopment of site, parking arrangements, proximity of adjacent property (The Chapel)

17/02568/OUT: Outline application for the erection of up to 100 dwellings with associated access, landscaping and open space: Land at The Downs Standlake: Mr Nevin Holden.  Mr. Naylor asked if there were any supporters of the application among the members of the public; there were none. Members of STAND group and other members of the public spoke objecting to the application: Mr. Naylor then asked for comments from the parish councillors.   The consensus was that, while provision of some affordable housing was needed, on balance this was overridden by inter alia the scale of the development, its effect on sewage/drainage, pedestrian access, traffic and the very large possibility of further development on adjacent land. Mr. Naylor proposed that the council object to this application and for the clerk to draft the objection document for councillor’s consideration before sending it to WODC; this was passed unanimously. Objection: see attached document.

17/02695/FUL: Demolition of existing house and erection of two detached dwellings: 60 Abingdon Road: Mr & Mrs M List. No objection.

6.      MINUTES - Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th June 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


Roads, Newbridge –There is a broken signpost lying on junction by the village hall; the clerk will report this.

Footpaths –Mr. Naylor has again attempted to contact the Lincoln Farm Park owner regarding the entrance but has had no success; he will continue to attempt to make contact.

General Maintenance – It was decided that the work needed to repair and maintain the ‘gates’ at the entrances to the village be deferred until the next financial year and budgeted for accordingly. Likewise the commitment to cut Hornsway

Traffic/Speeding – The clerk has discovered that the road monitoring cables noted in July are placed there by commercial companies for their own use and the results are not available for distribution. Mr. Naylor said he will be commencing further speed checks using the SID equipment in the near future.

Playground/Recreation Ground – The recent RoSPA inspection has not note anything of an urgent nature but the ‘monkey bars, are in need of attention. Mr. Hunt remarked that he thought the council had employed Mr. Pascoe to regularly check for maintenance issues: the clerk did not recollect this being a firm commitment but will set this up with Mr. Pascoe.

Website’ village mail – Mr. Matt Parker (at the invitation of Mr. Hunt) spoke of the website he had created for the village – – and stressed that he did not want to upset the status quo re the current website. His site had many features such as automatically picking up events from published village calendars such as the ODCC, LWTC etc.; also it could be used to help the standlakenews email system. The clerk explained that, under the government Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities the council was required to have its own website to disseminate information such as finance, assets, minutes etc. and that this should be under the control of the council. The current village website – - set up by the clerk in 2001, fulfils this purpose and, while welcoming any further method of publishing village information, he felt that this should continue. Questioned by Mr. Hunt, Mr. Parker could not guarantee maintaining his site indefinitely if work or other commitments intervened but he was willing to teach someone to operate the system if necessary. After some discussion, Mr. Naylor thanked him for his efforts and the matter would be kept under review while maintaining the current system.

8.      CORRESPONDENCE – there was no significant correspondence.

9.      ACCOUNTS – the following accounts were approved for payment.

*Absolute Solutions – mowing etc.                                                                                         375.00

*ODCC – grant for defibrillator                                                                                             1000.00

*Absolute Solutions – mowing etc.                                                                                         375.00  

*Absolute Solutions – mowing etc.                                                                                         360.00

*PWLB – loan repayment                                                                                                       2142.96

Playsafteyp’grounds annual inspection                                                                               210.00

D C Bevan – clerk salary& exp                                                                                              1221.60

HMRC – clerk PAYE                                                                                                                 292.40

BDO – audit fees                                                                                                                     120.00

10.   AUDIT 2016/17 – AUDITOR’S REPORT – The clerk presented the external auditor’s report on 2016/17 accounts. There were no comments except for noting a discrepancy of one pound in a set of figures; the clerk explained that this was due to two ‘rounded off’ figures not agreeing and he was awre that this had occurred. Mr. Naylor proposed that the auditor’s report be accepted and this was agreed unanimously.

11.   VILLAGE CHRISTMAS TREE –In past years the tree has been donated free of charge and set up and lighting installed by The Gun Dogs shooting club. This source for the tree has now terminated and the club has asked the council to contribute £100 to purchase the tree; it was unanimously agreed to do this.

12.   ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Mrs. Clements has had a report that a walker around Mr. Webb’s fishing lake has been warned off by a person, who appears to be living there, accompanied by an ‘aggressive’ dog: the clerk will contact Mr. Webb and establish the rights of walkers. Mrs. Smith reports that the hawthorn hedge along the footpath in front of 145 Abingdon Road is overgrown and causing an obstruction to pedestrians. Mr. Naylor will speak to Mr. Cade, the property owner. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.



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Standlake Parish Council – Objection to Application 17/02568/OUT Land at The Downs Standlake

Standlake PC objects to the application as follows:

1.     It is in contravention of the emerging local plan; for specific details, see below*.

2.     It is in contravention of saved local plan; specifically policies H4, H6, NE7, NE10 and NE11.

3.     The development would far exceed the capacity of existing sewage capacity as stated by Thames Water. In addition, it would overwhelm the drainage system which has frequently resulted in localised flooding. Neither of these vital considerations is satisfactorily addressed in the application.*

4.     In a village of some 560 dwellings this near 20% increase would represent an unacceptable impact and would create a precedent which could potentially change the character of the village permanently.

5.     If granted, this application would set a precedent leading inevitably to further such development on adjacent land; this land is in the ownership of the same landowner on whose land this current application rests.

6.     The access out of the development is on to a narrow minor road with poor sight lines.  Furthermore, the pedestrian access, along the road to the village facilities (over 1 mile), consists of, initially, an unpaved grass verge followed by a single sub-standard footpath on the opposite side from the development.*

7.     Given the lack of work opportunities in Standlake, it is inevitable that yet more vehicular traffic will be generated on local roads by at least 100 per day; in no way can this be considered sustainable. It is inevitable that much of this traffic will go in the direction of Oxford/Abingdon and will cause even more congestion at the narrow, winding Church End. .* The local bus services have been severely reduced with the direct link to Oxford being removed altogether. The remaining ‘rush hour’ timetable does not provide a flexible enough service for commuters and, consequently, the proposed development will increase the need for travel, not reduce it..*

8.     The development would remove public views over hedgerows and open countryside onto prime agricultural land; this is a vital part of the Standlake village identity.

9.     There is evidence of an area of archaeological importance on the site.

10.  *Many of the above objections are specifically covered by the emerging local plan 2011 - 2031. They are, inter alia:

11.  Policy CO10: before any planning permission is given for development WODC must “Ensure that land is not released for new development until the supporting infrastructure and facilities are secured.”.

12.  Policy CO4: new residential development will be supported …...where it will ”reduce the need to travel”.