Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 12th March 2013 at 7.00pm.


          Mr. R.Reddy                                                            Acting Chairman

             Mrs. J.Perry

             Mrs. J Cements

             Mrs. B.Smith                                                            Also acting clerk


Mr. P. Clements


1.          APOLOGIES –apologies were received from Cllr. Mrs H. Fenton,(WODC) Cllr Charles Mathew,(OCC), Mrs. J. Bayliss, Mr D Bevan, Mr  .C. Naylor, Mr. J. Rippin.

2.          PUBLIC ITEMS – Mr. Clements handed in an article on Planning Advice from the Daily Telegraph for the folder

3.          COUNTY & DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORTS   There were no Councillors and no reports.

4.           DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – there were no declarations of interest.

5.           PLANNING - See attached planning record.

13/0035/P/FP  Creation of separate access 27/29 Rack End - Grant

13/0075/P/FP  Fletchers Farm, 133,, Abingdon Road Changes to site layout and erection  of two garages - Grant with conditions

12/1773/P/OP  Noble Foods Ltd.Cotswold dene, Standlake - Refuse

New Application; 13/0188/P/CLP Certificate of Lawfulness (erection of store/carport) Rotunda Lodge, Bankside Lane, Standlake.  Parish Council had no objections

6.             MINUTES

Minutes of the meeting held on 29th January 2013, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the vice chairman.


Flooding/Drains- It was felt that the letter from the Parish Council to David Cameron, expressing concern over  the functioning of the village sewerage system and also the incremental effect of additional development in the village, should now be sent.

It was strongly felt that both Thames Water and West Oxfordshire District Council should be approached on the subject  ie. no more development to be allowed in Standlake until the sewerage system has been upgraded.

A verbal report from the Chairman had been sent to the meeting stating that the letter to Mr. Cameron had been delayed until the outcome and extent of the High Street repairs had been ascertained. It was noted that

 Thames Water was sending a Flood Bus to the village to answer resident’s queries.

An update was also needed on when repairs to the High Street verges and surface, following the recent drainage work, were to be carried out. A letter was needed from the PC to Thames water on this matter.

Fletcher’s Farm tiles – Following a meeting with WODC planning officers , a member of the Parish Council and Mr.Cade’s representative, the choice of a tile was agreed for use on the two houses in process of being built at Fletcher’s Farm.

Brighthampton Footpath –An e-mail to Cllr. Mathew from Louise Wilson (OCC)states that work on the Brighthampton footpath should commence in mid-April.

Playground/Recreation ground maintenance – Some equipment needs repainting. Grass cutting anticpated soon. No major  items.

Traffic/speeding/Flashing lights at The Downs –Nothing to report. Another letter needed.

Skate park- Attempts to contact James Eaton  so far have proved unsuccessful.

8.          CORRESPONDENCE - None discussed; the folder was taken by Mrs. Perry.

9.          ACCOUNTS – the following accounts were approved for payment:

OALC subs 2013/13                                                        262.13


Mrs. Perry reported that cherry trees donated by Mr.Ken Clark had been planted by herself and Mr. Perry in Hornsway.

A large pothole in the pavement outside No.31 High Street had been reported to OCC  and noted.

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Perry reported attending a Parish Forum at WODC on February 28th. The  recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfield gave an update on his work so far and WODC officers gave a corporate update plus information on the Localism Act.

In response to a request from Standlake Parish council officers agreed that there should be some form of feedback to Parish Councils in reply to the observations made on planning applications.


Tennis Club- A public notice stating availability of courts and how to book them was still awaited. It was suggested that perhaps the Parish Council should do this on the Tennis Club’s behalf as all the details of times of availability were listed on the lease. It was also suggested that it may be advantageous to hold another meeting with the Tennis Club to discuss its future plans regarding the clubhouse proposals.

Clerk – It was unanimously agreed that David Bevan be asked to continue as Clerk to Standlake Parish Council. A suggestion was made that it would be advantageous to engage the services of a ‘temporary clerk’ for times when the Clerk is away in order to ensure a continuity of meeting date .

Annual Parish Meeting(proposed date May 14th)-It was suggested that, despite failures of Thames Water to be pro-active in the past, they should be invited to attend the Annual Parish meeting again this year as many residents would wish to question them

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.


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Grant of permission - creation of separate access – 27/29 Rack End


Grant of permission - changes to site layout – Fletcher’s Farm, Abingdon Road


Refusal of permission – Noble Foods Ltd, Cotswold Dene, Standlake


Certificate of lawfulness (erection of store/carport, Rotunda Lodge, Bankside Lane