Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 11th September 2018 at 7.30pm.


          Mr. J. Rippin       Vice-Chairman

          Mr. S. Jones

          Mrs. S. Garrett

          Mrs. S. Adams

          Mr. D. Bevan   Clerk

Mrs. H. Fenton (WODC councillor), Mrs. S. Miles (St. Giles PCC) and 8 members of the public.

1.      APOLOGIES – were received from Mr. C. Naylor, Mr. B. Parnham, Mr. S. Hoskin, Mr. S. Good, Mr. C. Mathew

2.      DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – Mrs. Garrett declared a non-pecuniary interest in planning application 18/02432/HHD

3.      PUBLIC ITEMS – Mr. Rippin asked the public for their comments. Mrs. Miles said she was attending regarding Item 10 on the agenda (see below). Mrs. Goodall said she was attending regarding speeding in the village, in particularly the Abingdon Road (see below - Matters Arising). Mr. and Mrs. Sharples were attending regarding the status of The Bell (see below – Matters Arising). Mr. Chris and Ms. Tara Sheehan were attending regarding noise complaints and a planning application for their aggregate processing plant at Dix Pit (see Planning below). Other members of the public were attending out of interest.

4.      COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S REPORTS. Mrs. Fenton said she had little to report except that the Local Plan will finally be adopted by WODC at a full council meeting on 27th September.

5.      PLANNING

18/02357/HHD: proposed single storey extn, new external terrace and exterior remodelling (revision to approval 17/03682/HHD: 11 High Street Standlake: Mrs P Deeker. No objection.

18/02432/HHD: Alterations and erection of single storey rear extension: The Vines 5 High Street Standlake: Mr & Mrs Rogers. No objection.

18/02456/FUL: Erection of dwelling: 18/02457/LBC: Proposed New Dwelling (Previously approved as Annexe ref:18/00410/FUL) Delaware Cottage 1 The Butts Standlake: Mr M Lancaster. Objection; separating annexe from main building to make a separate dwelling will constitute over-development of site.

18/02673/HHD: Erection of carport/store and garden room: The Paddock 41 Rack End Standlake: Mr and Mrs Barry Priestly-Smith. No objection.

Ms. Sheehan said they had met with residents regarding the noise complaint and the matter had now been resolved. Mrs. Fenton thanked them for doing this as WODC had received a noise complaint but agreed it was now resolved. There is a planning application for the site but it would appear that Standlake had not been informed as the location was in Stanton Harcourt parish and therefore the council could not comment.

6.      MINUTES - Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th July 2018, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


Roads/Traffic/Speeding – No through road signs have been refurbished. Mr. Matt Parker taken over Speedwatch from Mr. Naylor and is looking for volunteers to help carry out regular checks. OCC advise that the parking restriction lines at the High St./A415 junction are in hand and will be done as soon as resources become available.

Mrs. Goodall expressed her lack of confidence in the council’s attitude to traffic calming in the village particularly on the Abingdon Road. She expressed her concern that a dangerous situation has been allowed to develop and considers the council’s response inadequate. The clerk had summarised the situation via email to Mrs. Goodall, supported by an email to her from OCC councillor Mr. Mathew, but he and Mr. Rippin tried again to explain the problems associated with obtaining meaningful calming. These encompassed both a practical ‘what will or will not be allowed by OCC’ and the very large financial cost of any measurers which would fall on the council tax payers of the village. However, Mrs. Goodall continued to reject the council’s position. Mr. Jones, Abingdon Road resident and parish councillor, agreed to look further into this matter and keep Mrs. Goodall informed.

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance – The annual RoSPA inspection report was satisfactory with no items requiring immediate attention. Mr. Parnham is carrying out regular checks on both playgrounds and has identified a problem with the multi-play tower and Mr. Pascoe has submitted a quote for £80 to repair; agreed unanimously.

Mr. Rollinson e-mailed re lack of litter bins at recreation ground. The clerk replied informing him that litter bins were removed because they were being used for inappropriate waste, such as dirty nappies; a litter pick is done approximately twice monthly and users were encouraged to take their litter away or use the large green waste bin at the village hall (to the cost of which the council contributes).

Flooding, Sewers, Winter, Windrush – nothing further to report regarding grit bins; the clerk has again emailed OCC but with no reply to date – will follow up. WODC are holding a ‘Water Day’ on 4th October which will be attended by the agencies responsible for sewage, water courses etc. Mrs. Adams will attend if she is available that day.

Dog Bins– WODC say no action required on the dog bins at this time but Mrs. Adams disagrees and the clerk will again contact WODC.

The Bell – status: Mr. Webb has informed the clerk that plan for development of the site is imminent; the plan is to build a care home complex while retaining the existing building

8.      CORRESPONDENCE – Mrs. Goodall re traffic calming (see above); WW1 commemoration events – committee at Northmoor is making arrangements which are currently only in draft form. Mr. Rollinson re litter bins (see above). WODC re Water Day (see above).

9.      ACCOUNTS – the following accounts were approved for payment.

Playsafetyp’ground inspections                                                                                        210.00

LWVP – grant                                                                                                                        300.00

OALC – councillor training                                                                                                     48.00

Absolute Solutions – grass cutting/litter pick                                                                     375.00

D C Bevan – clerk salary & exp                                                                                           1221.60

HMRC – clerk PAYE                                                                                                              292.40

S’lake Youth Club – rent 2018/19                                                                                        150.00

PWLB – loan repayment                                                                                                      2141.92

10.   ST. GILES CHURCH – SUPPORT FOR WATER PIPE EXTENSION, HEDGE SAPLINGS – Mrs. Miles began by thanking the council for its continuing support for the maintenance of the graveyard. A tap has been requested at the new burial ground for relatives to draw water for grave flowers. An estimate has been received for £2365 which the PCC cannot afford: also there are reservations about the viability of this in respect of winter freezing etc. but the PCC has been asked to approach the council. The clerk made it clear that he did not see this as something the council should support; a contribution to a project was one thing but being asked for the whole amount was not acceptable. After discussion, in which Mrs. Adams argued for the project, it was decided to defer this to a later date, possibly examining a cheaper option.

Mrs. Miles said that, for some reason, a gap of about 15 feet had been left in the new burial ground boundary hedge adjacent to the car park; she requested that the council consider funding for extra saplings to be planted to fill this gap. The clerk explained that the council’s funding of the new burial ground included the hedging and he could see no reason not to fund the requirement. It was agreed unanimously to do this and Mrs. Miles will obtain estimates for the saplings and planting.

11.   SEA SCOUTS FIREWORKS – REQUEST TO CHARGE ENTRY FEE TO REC GROUND – Mr. Potter explained that in past years the permission to use the ground was on condition that no charge would be made for entrance to the event on the grounds that the area was open to the public at all times. This gave rise to the anomaly of not being able to quote an entrance fee on any publicity and resulted in a reduction in income on which the event depended as well as boosting funds for the Sea Scouts. The clerk had investigated this and could find no legal basis, at the council’s discretion, for the prohibition on charging a fee and recommended the request be approved: this was agreed unanimously.

12.   WAR MEMORIAL CLEANING – ESTIMATES – the clerk has received two of three requested estimates for cleaning the memorial. The quotation from O. G. Stonemasons for £450 was accepted unanimously and the clerk will arrange for the work to be done.

13.   ANY OTHER BUSINESS – There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.


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