Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held by telephone/online conference call on 11th August 2020 at 7.30 pm.


          Mr. B. Parnham   Chairman

          Mr. J. Rippin       Vice Chairman

          Mrs. S Garrett

          Mrs. A. Knipe

          Mrs. L. Burton

          Mr. S. Jones

          Mr. D. Bevan       Clerk

Cllr. C. Mathew (OCC), Mr. L. List, Dr. G. Dooley

Because of technical issues with the conference call, the meeting was adjourned at 7.55pm and then restarted at 8.15pm. Mr. Parnham had problems communicating during the first session and this was conducted by the clerk.

1.      APOLOGIES – Mrs. S. Adams.

2.      DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest.

3.      PUBLIC ITEMS – Dr. Dooley was attending only to listen to the discussion.

Mr. List said he wanted to give the background to his application 20/01844/FUL (see below). Due to changed personal circumstances, Mr. List had examined options which would allow his family to stay in Standlake and had reluctantly come to the conclusion that building a house in the side garden of 50 Abingdon Road was the only option open to him. He stressed that he did not want to do this but the alternative was to sell the whole property. Enquiries from developers indicated that they would be looking to demolish the existing building and building 4 or 5 properties in the plot and he did not want to inflict this sort of development on the village. The clerk thanked him for his input and Mr. List left the meeting at 7.50pm.

4.      COUNTY & DISTRICT COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS – Mr. Mathew said that, in spite of government support, OCC was facing a shortfall of £16m in 2020/21. A new budget, with the aim of protecting front line services and making savings in other areas, will be put to the cabinet on 18th August. Mr. Mathew said that a government grant of £2.5m under the Active Travel initiative had been received but, disappointingly, it had gone to urban areas with non for rural areas. Mr. Mathew will be meeting with Robert Courts MP and Thames Water on 12th August.

5.      PLANNING

20/01636/HHD: Conversion of garage to habitable space, replacing doors with windows: 57 High Street Standlake Witney: Mr And Mrs James. No objection.

20/01446/FUL: Change of use from hostel to create seven bedsits: Standlake Ranch Standlake Equestrian Centre Downs Road: Mrs Suzanne Pillans. No objection.

20/01815/HHD:  Erection of first floor rear extension above existing dining room: 12 Rack End Standlake Witney: Mr Geoffrey Le Huray. No objection.

20/01844/FUL: Erection of 1 detached dwelling to side garden of 50 Abingdon Road including demolition of existing garage and reinstate driveway entrance to the front of the existing house: Orchard Paddock Cottage 50 Abingdon Road Standlake: Mr And Mrs List. No objection. Comment re sewage/flooding.

It was noted that the Manor Bungalow application was refused by WODC.

6.      MINUTES - Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday, 14th July 2020, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and will be signed by the chairman at a later date.


Sewage/Flooding –. TW have confirmed that the extensive work on sealing the sewage pipes against water ingress will commence later this month. The clerk and Mr. Mathew held a conference call with the OCC Principle Officer Highways and Drainage on 17th July to discuss the flooding in Woodlands. Briefly, the problems arise from higher water table, the flat nature of Standlake which affects flow to the outflow areas and the old drainage systems in Woodlands itself. Apart from checking the outflow areas for obstruction the officer suggested the way forward would be to raise the level of the road but the problem of where the water goes remains and he suggested that the grassed areas at the entrance to Woodlands be used. Further correspondence between Mr. Parnham and the officer has not been satisfactory and Mr. Parnham intends to make stronger representations. Mr. Mathew cautioned against alienating the officer by too strong a reply and Mr. Parnham said he took this on board. Mr. Parnham will engage with the residents association and take their views.

Roads/Traffic/Speeding /Traffic CalmingMr. Parnham suggested a sub-committee be formed to look into the way forward as put forward by Mr. Jones. The committee should consider the following: Medium Term - Set up a Speedwatch group using volunteers and purchase approved equipment (consider sharing with other villages) funding offered by a village resident and may need additional funds from the PC. Long Term - Investigate permanent traffic calming initiatives, agreeing funding levels and prioritise best use of resources.

Mr. Parnham has been in contact with Mr. J. Bond-Smith, who has volunteered to fund a camera and also to lead the Speedwatch group, and proposed that he be co-opted onto the committee which would be chaired by a councillor; Mr. Rippin and Mrs. Knipe volunteered for this task.

The clerk has been in touch with the police and PCSO’s will be making speed checks in the next week with a view to having enforcement action carried out in the near future. The clerk will pass the police contact information on to the Speedwatch committee.

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance – The maintenance to bring the parks up to standard for reopening has been completed and has been inspected by Mr. Parnham and the clerk and found satisfactory. Given that most other local playgrounds have opened, having carried out a COVID risk assessment and prepared signs, Mr. Parnham proposed that the parks be opened from Saturday 15th August; this was agreed unanimously. The clerk will arrange with Absolute Solutions to make the final arrangements and put up the signs. The cutting of the trees overhanging the tennis courts will commence in the next couple of weeks.

Path by Notice board. – awaiting estimate from OCC.

Hornsway Trees – awaiting estimate from OCC.

Fly tipping – the bag of rubbish on New Road has been removed. WODC advise that fly tipping should be reported on their website and not through Fix My Street.

8.      CORRESPONDENCE – Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) consultation. There was broad agreement with the proposals but the clerk will reply noting that small piecemeal building/extensions etc. also had an impact on infrastructure and should be taken into consideration. Letter regarding Windrush Pollution. Stanton Harcourt PC has sent a letter to the Secretary of State regarding Windrush Pollution. It was agreed that Mrs. Burton look at drafting a letter reflecting Standlake’s concerns. Request to use recreation ground for fitness classes. This activity is normally conducted inside the village hall; it was agreed that part of the ground could be used subject to the usual requirements of insurance, clean up and respect for those using the ground but not attending the classes.

9.      ACCOUNTS – the following accounts were approved for payment.

Absolute Solutions – mowing/playground repairs                                                             £950.00

D C Bevan – p’ground swing seats                                                                                       £252.00

D C Bevan – office laminator, pouches                                                                                  £24.89

10.   NOTICE BOARD REFURBISHMENT – the clerk said that the notice board, which was 5 years old, needed both inside and outside refurbishment and asked the council to approve his getting an estimate for the work. This was agreed unanimously.

11.   ANY OTHER BUSINESS – In the light of the technical problems experienced at this meeting, Mr. Parnham said he would explore other platforms for further meetings. The next meeting will be by conference call on Tuesday 8th September 2020 at 7.30pm.  There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.


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