Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 10th April 2012 at 7.00pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor                                 Chairman

          Mrs. J. Bayliss

          Mrs. J. Perry

          Mrs. B. Smith

          Mrs. J. Clements

          Mr. D. Bevan                                  Clerk


Cllr. (WODC) Mr. S. Good, Cllr (OCC) Mr. C Mathew, Mr. P. Clements, Mrs. D Birkett

1.          APOLOGIES –apologies were received from Mrs. H. Fenton,          

2.          PUBLIC ITEMS

Mrs.Birkett said she was attending in her capacity as treasurer to the Jubilee Committee and gave a report on the situation to date. Only 25% of forms have been returned which makes assessment of the number of children below 18 difficult. £1225 has been received in donations which leaves a shortfall of the budget figure of £1416 and the committee asks for a contribution from the council. It was agreed that £250 be granted towards the event. Mrs. Birkett thanked the council and left the meeting at 7.25 pm.

3.          PLANNING - See attached planning record

Mr. Good reported that the application for an agricultural worker’s dwelling at Underdown Farm came before the Lowlands Planning committee and, following what can only be described as a chaotic performance by the officers who wanted to deny the application, was deferred to the next Lowlands meeting to be held next week. Mrs. Smith spoke in favour of the application and will continue to support it.

Mr. Good also reported that the permission granted for the barn conversion at Fletcher’s Farm was closely scrutinised but was granted in accordance with planning guidelines.

4.          MINUTES

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th March 2012, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


Windrush Way Play Area – Mrs. Smith reported that the committee were now at the stage of deciding on contractors for the project. The equipment supplier/installer was not in contention but the appointment of a groundwork contractor needed to be decided by the Parish Council. Of three original quotes only two were satisfactory and Mrs. Smith had experienced difficulty in obtaining detailed breakdown of the quotes as required by WREN for consideration of the grant. After meeting with the contractors on site this evening they agreed to finalise minor points and provide the updated quote by Wednesday, 11th April. However, both contractors have indicated that there would be no material change in the value of the quote but it was decided to delay the decision until these had been received.

This decision was revisited prior to the close of the meeting after Mrs. Smith noted that this delay would have a very serious impact on the ability to commence the project before the summer. The main stumbling block is the time required for WREN to examine the final financial proposal (which depends on the final selection of contractor) and issue a contract so that work can commence; this obviously impacts on when the contractors can be instructed to start work. The chairman proposed that a vote be taken at this meeting and, providing there were no material changes to the quote, Mrs. Smith be authorised to proceed. The council voted 3 to 2 in favour of the quote from Gordon Hill and Sons and for Mrs. Smith to proceed on this basis.

Jubilee – See public items. Mrs. Bayliss reported that work is still going ahead with the making of bunting etc, barrel rolling teams have been raised in both The Black Horse and The Bell.

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Traffic/Speeding – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Highway Maintenance – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Flooding, Winter & Emergency Planning – Nothing further to report at this meeting

Footpaths – Mrs. Clements has been contacted regarding the hedge at Blenheim Cottage, Abingdon Road, which is overgrowing the footpath. Mr. Naylor will speak with the occupier.

A415, Newbridge – Nothing further to report at this meeting

Car Park gate – the clerk reported that Mr. Pascoe had repaired the damaged rail at no cost.

Street Traders – Mr. Good remarked that he was aware of some interest in the village with regard to the appearance of mobile hot food vendors and he asked if the council had formed an opinion on this.  The clerk said that he has been approached by the proprietor of The Bell, who complains that a mobile pizza van is trading outside his premises every Monday night. This matter has been discussed previously in relation to another trader in another part of the village. While expressing no opinion on the merits of the Bell complaint, the council instructed the clerk to contact WODC licensing to examine the parish’s options in respect of these traders.

6.          CORRESPONDENCE - See attached correspondence record.

7.           ACCOUNTS

The following accounts were approved for payment:

OALC Subs 12/13                                                 258.66

ORCC Subs 12/13                                                   30.00

St Giles PCC - g'yard upkeep 1st half                    400.00

S'lake Youth Club - grant for use of club 12/13     150.00

Steve Cooper - p'ground repairs                             79.00

Absolute Solutions - mowing                                270.00

WREN - w way 3rd party funding                       2,565.20

The clerk reminded the meeting that in March there was a request for a donation to St John’s Ambulance Brigade. It was agreed that £50 be donated and this will be paid next month.

8.          MEMBER’S REPORTS

There were no member’s reports.


The clerk reminded the meeting that the Nay meeting would be the AGM of the council and would be held on Monday 14th May as agreed at the last meeting. Also the APM would be held aon Tuesday 29th May in the Youth Club. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.45 pm

......................................................................................Chairman   .......................................................................... Date







New Oxon Dial a Ride service



















Removal of extension etc erection of single & 2 storey ext – 1 The Downs


Internal alterations to toilet block – The Black Horse PH High St


Alterations and erection of extensions – 10 Aston Rd. B’hampton


Erection of 2 storey rear extension – 109 Abingdon Rd


Grant of permission – new porch, access and driveway – The Cottage 7 Church End


Grant of permission – barn conversion and access – Fletcher’s Farm, Abingdon Road