Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 9th October 2012 at 7.00pm.


          Mr. C Naylor                                  Chairman

          Mr. R. Reddy                                  Vice Chairman

          Mr. J. Rippin

          Mrs. J. Bayliss

          Mrs. B. Smith


          Mr. D. Bevan                                  Clerk


Cllr (WODC) Mrs. H. Fenton, Cllr (WODC) Mr. S. Good, Mr. B. Cade, Mr, B. Smith, Mr. S. Bridger, Mr. J. Hunt, Mr. N. Owens

1.          APOLOGIES – were received from Mrs Clements, Mrs Perry and Cllr (OCC) Mr. C Mathew).

2.          PUBLIC ITEMS

Mr. Matthew Hare, representing Gigaclear Limited, gave a presentation on the provision of High Speed Broadband (HSB) in Standlake. He addressed the future needs for access and the likelihood of provision by either BT or the Oxonline initiative, and explaining how his company could provide a fibre optic solution in a relatively short timescale. Standlake is in a grey area regarding upgrading by BT because, by the location of an exchange in the village, a reasonable speed is already available albeit nowhere near the speeds demanded by business or home workers. It is considered unlikely that an upgrade will be forthcoming for some years and the Oxonline scheme is primarily aimed at getting access to those who have no or very slow broadband. Full details of Gigaclear’s business can be seen at

Questions were asked from the floor and Mr. Hunt volunteered to examine the likelihood of enough businesses and residents prepared to sign up for a commercially provided HSB connection. It was agreed that, while the Parish Council encourages any efforts to bring HSB to Standlake, this is a commercial proposition and individuals must make up their own minds as to the pros and cons; the council cannot endorse any particular scheme. However, Mr. Rippin volunteered to act as liaison with any group Mr. Hunt may set up so that the council is kept fully informed.

Mr. Naylor thanked Mr. Hare for his presentation and, no other members of the public wishing to speak, opened the meeting at 7.35pm

3.          DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – there were no declarations of interest.

4.           PLANNING - See attached planning record.

12/1420/P/FP Fletcher’s Farm; After some discussion, in which Mr. Naylor invited Mr. Cade to speak on the revised plan, it was decided by three votes to two to approve the revised application with the following comments to WODC:

The council discussed this in the presence of the applicant, Mr. Cade, and voted not to object to the application. However, the council requests that the materials proposed be carefully considered and the council advised of choice ahead of approval. Mr. Cade indicated that he would be prepared to examine carefully the possibility of using the construction stone and roof tiles from the existing building in constructing the new dwellings and the council would ask that it be consulted during this process.

12/1413/P/FP 4 The Orchard: The council did not object to this application but made the following comments to WODC:

The changes remain integral to the existing house and not become a separate dwelling, or used for commercial purposes separate from the existing household.

There were no objections to the other applications.

5.          MINUTES

Minutes of the meeting held on 11th September 2012, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


Busses, Bus Stops –.The position of the Rack End stop will now be at the original site (Pinkhill Cottage) and utilise the existing post. The residents have agreed to have the tree cut back but wish to retain the existing hedge in its current condition; the council agree that the hedge remain as it is. RH Transport ceased trading last week and Stagecoach will take over the services. Mrs. Smith proposed that a vote of thanks be sent to OCC for the very prompt action taken to ensure virtually no disruption. This was approve unanimously and the clerk will email Mr. Tim Darch at OCC.

Windrush Way Play Park – The clerk presented the latest accounts for the project and estimated that there would be a surplus of around £2836. As an original £1000 donation by Poor’s Allotments Charity was made only because, initially, it was doubtful that sufficient funds would be raised for the whole project, Mrs. Smith suggested that this sum be returned to the Charity. This was agreed (Mr. Rippin not voting as a trustee of the Charity) and a final decision to be made on the balance during the budget deliberations.

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance –. A quote for £100 has been received from M. P. Welding for replacing bolts on the swings. This was approved and the clerk will advise the company. Mr. Naylor will approach the Tennis Club regarding the placing of notices regarding public access to the courts.

Traffic/Speeding – A complaint has been received regarding vehicles leaving Lincoln Farm Park. Vehicles are not stopping before the footpath and on more than one occasion this has almost resulted in a tragic accident. OCC Highways were consulted during the village walk around and they have given some advice as to marking the exit but have no power to enforce this as the exit is on private land. The clerk will contact the Park and raise this matter with them.

Highway Maintenance – Mr. Reddy and Mr. Rippin ‘walked the village’ with representatives of OCC Highways to discuss various maintenance and safety matters. This helped with understanding the various criteria for carrying out repairs and, briefly, this means if it is not considered a safety matter by OCC then it will not be done; it was not entirely clear what constitutes a safety matter. However, it was felt that this was a useful exercise and there will be work carried out at a number of locations including Shifford Lane, Woodlands entrance and the Abingdon Road. The red markings at the entrances to the village will be repaired, the ones on  the Downs being replaced following the recent resurfacing.

Flooding, Winter & Emergency Planning – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Footpaths – The clerk accompanied a Highways officer to discuss the provision of a path to connect the Aston Road (entrance to Chervil Cottage) with the bus stop on the Abingdon Road (entrance to The Orchard). The officer was very supportive of the proposal and she will have it costed and moved forward.

Roads, Newbridge – Mr. Naylor and others noted that the number of HGVs using the A415 seems to have increased. Following a change of personnel at OCC Trading Standards, the emphasis on the use of the enforcement cameras on Newbridge seems to have been relaxed; Mr. Naylor will write to Trading Standards and as for clarification of the current policy.

7.          CORRESPONDENCE - See attached correspondence record.

8.          ACCOUNTS

The following accounts were approved for payment:

G Hill & Sons - Wway final invoice


City & County Graphics - Wway signs


Memorial Benches UK - Wway bench


KCS - Wway litter bin


BDO LLP - Audit fees


Absolute Solutions - mowing/weeding & rebark pground


OPFA - subscriptions 2012/3


9.          BUDGET 2013/14

The clerk produced an initial budget for the coming financial year. Most areas should result in no or minor change. The cost of insurance will rise due to the cover for Windy Way Play Park; audit fees will rise considerably from £150 this year to £400 in the coming year to reflect the increase in turnover due to the Wind Way project. Requests from the church for increased support for churchyard upkeep;  provision for major hedge and ditch maintenance at the recreation ground; disposal of the surplus from the Windy Way project were all considered. The final budget will be decided at the November meeting but the aim will be to reduce the 2013/14 Precept from the 2012/13 figure.


Mrs. Bayliss noted that a shrub at Lincoln Farmhose is overgrowing the path and causing an obstruction. Mr. Naylor will speak to the residents.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 13th November and the 2013/14 budget will be set. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.20 pm

...................................................................................... Chairman   .................................................................... Date








Election of Police Commissioners









Extensions – Rectory Cottage, The Old Rectory, Church End


Removal of existing replacement with 2 dwellings – Fletcher’s Farm


Changes to garage to provide additional accommodation – 4 The Orchard


Erection of 3 bay garage – Westfield Farm, Calais Lane, Yelford


Grant of permission – Alterations 4 The Butts


Grant of permission – Installation of external lighting – Cotswold Farm


Grant of permission – alterations 1 The Downs