Minutes of The Annual General Meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 9th May 2017 at 6.45pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor                                 Chairman

          Mr. P. Willis                                   Vice Chairman

          Mr. B. Smith

          Mrs. J. Clements

          Mr.  J. Rippin

          Mr. N. Owens

          Mr. J. Hunt

          Mr. D. Bevan                                Clerk

          Mr. C. Mathew from 7.30pm; 4 Members of the public



Mr. Naylor stood down as chairman; Mr. Willis assumed the chair and asked for nominations for chairman.

Mrs. Clements proposed Mr. Naylor as chairman, seconded by Mrs. Smith, passed unanimously.

Mr. Naylor re-convened the meeting as chairman and asked for nominations for vice chairman.

Mr. Hunt proposed Mr. Willis as vice chairman, Mr. Owens seconded by; passed unanimously.

Mr. Naylor proposed Mr. D. Bevan (Clerk) as Responsible Financial Officer to the council, seconded by Mr. Hunt;   passed unanimously.

Mr. Willis agreed to act as the council trustee on the Poor’s Allotments Charity, agreed unanimously.

Mr. Rippin agreed to continue be council representative on the Village Hall committee, agreed unanimously.

Mr. Naylor and Mr. Willis signed their acceptance of office as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.

2.             PUBLIC ITEMS –Mr. Naylor said the public would be able to speak at the Annual Parish Meeting.

3.             COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S REPORTS - to be made at the AGM.

4.             DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest.

5.             PLANNING

17/00965/FUL: Application for full planning permission for residential development comprising 46 dwellings, together with access, landscaping and associated infrastructure; Land South East Of Lancott Lane Brighthampton. Deferred to June meeting.

17/01305/HHD: Loft conversion, rear extension, internal alterations; Glenden 59 High Street Standlake: Mr J Tubb: No objection.

17/00976/FUL: 17/00977/LBC: Alterations and extensions to building;  The Black Horse 81 High Street Standlake. No objection.

17/01062/HHD: The installation of decking at the end of the garden (Retrospective): Iris Cottage 33 Rack End Standlake: Mr Edward Adcock. No objection

6.             MINUTES - Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th April 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.

7.             MATTERS ARISING 

Spitfire Homes – The WODC deadline for determination of the application has been deferred until 14th July; this means the council can formally consider the application at the 13th June meeting before commenting. The position of the SOS group objecting to the application will be heard at the APM following this meeting.

LWTC Club House – The LWTC Treasurer will be present the plans to the APM. It was agreed that, unless new circumstances dictated, the council would next consider this matter when a formal planning application by LWTC was forthcoming.

Roads, Newbridge – The damaged bollard outside the Post Office has been repaired. The clerk has heard nothing further from OCC Highways regarding the ‘entrance gates’ enquiry. Mr. Naylor has written a letter regarding parking on the High Street, approved by councillors; the clerk will have copies run off for distribution to residents and Mr. Hunt agreed to arrange distribution. Mr. Mathew will check on the progress of the new camera installation at Newbridge which he thinks is imminent.

Recreation Ground – Mr. Naylor will investigate the need for dog signs on the playground fence. It was agreed that the fence badly needed painting and some repairs but that this should be left until after the LWTC clubhouse and groundworks (subject to planning approval) were completed.

Footpaths – Mr. Pascoe has removed the leaf mould on Hornsway between the churchyard gate and the allotments; in the early winter, once the leaves have all fallen, he will repeat the exercise.

Speeding – Mr. Naylor said the SID equipment had been out of action recently but was now repaired. Mr. Mathew offered the use of a speed gun as he considered this a much superior method.

Internet Access/Meeting Venue – as instructed the clerk has investigated the use the ODCC building and has received an email stating the availability of the venue differs throughout the year and the cost per hour would be £30. As is the case with the Village Hall, the lack of flexibility and the increases cost should mitigate against either of these venues being chosen. The clerk again made it very clear that he was against any move simply to gain internet access which, in his opinion, would not enhance the conduct of meetings in any significant way.

After some discussion it was decided that no further action be taken at this time but Mr. Hunt wished it to be recorded that, in his opinion, it was still desirable to have internet access at meetings.

Flooding/Sewers etc. – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

8.             CORRESPONDENCE – There was no significant correspondence except that covered in Agenda items 12 and 13 below.

9.             ACCOUNTS – the following accounts were approved for payment.

Absolute Solutions – mowing/litter, Hornsway surface clearing                                                   455.00


10.           2017/18 INSURANCE RENEWAL – the brokers have produced 3 quotes and recommend Inspire/AXA giving excellent cover at a premium of £870.75pa for a 3 year long-term agreement; this is less than out current premium and takes into account our recent claim and an increase in IPT. It was agreed that this quote is accepted.

11.           LWVP MEETING – Mr. Hunt recently met with the LWVP manager Ms, Lucy Cullen. He gave a brief description of their work and how it affects Standlake in particular. Some work is needed along the Mosaic Trail and one item in particular is the purchase of a waste bin at £420. Councillors expressed support for the work and it was agreed to fully fund the cost of the bin from the Community Fund; the clerk will ask for a VAT receipt to enable a refund to ve claimed.

12.           ODCC REQUEST FOR CONTRIBUTION - ODCC are holding a function in June to raise money for a defibrillator which is estimated to cost £2000; they estimate raising £1000 and are requesting a donation to match that figure. It was agreed that a defibrillator in that part of the village was desirable (there are machines at the Primary School and the Village Hall) and up to £1000 should be paid from the Community Fund.

13.           EXIT FROM LINCOLN FARM PARK – Mr. and Mrs. Rollinson have reported that a near accident occurred recently involving a child on the footpath and a vehicle leaving Lincoln Farm Park. There is no doubt that with the construction of a large garage at 65 High St. the sight line leaving the park is further restricted and it is possible that many drivers are not aware of the public footpath. Mr. Naylor will approach the site manager in the first instance (as it is understood that the park was recently sold to a new company for which we do not have details) and discuss possible measures.

14.           ANY OTHER BUSINESS – There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.55pm.



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