Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 3rd May 2016 at 7.00pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor                                 Chairman

          Mrs. B. Smith

          Mrs. J. Clements

          Mr. J Hunt

          Mr. P. Willis

          Mr. N. Owens


          Mr. D. Bevan                                  Clerk


Mr. P. Clements

1.          APOLOGIES – there were no apologies.


Mr. Naylor stood down as chairman; Mrs. Smith assumed the chair and asked for nominations for chairman.

Mrs. Smith proposed Mr. Naylor as chairman, seconded by Mr. Willis passed unanimously.

Mr. Naylor re-convened the meeting as chairman and asked for nominations for vice chairman.

Mr. Owens proposed Mr. Willis as vice chairman, seconded by Mr. Naylor; passed unanimously.

Mr. Naylor proposed Mr. D. Bevan (Clerk) as Responsible Financial Officer to the council, seconded by Mr. Hunt;   passed unanimously.

Mr. Willis agreed to act as the council trustee on the Poor’s Allotments Charity, agreed unanimously.

Mr. Rippin (absent) to continue be council representative on the Village Hall committee, agreed unanimously.

Mr. Naylor and Mr. Willis signed their acceptance of office as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively

3.          PUBLIC ITEMS – none.

4.          COUNTY and DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORTS – none present.

5.          DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - there were no declarations of interest.

6.          PLANNING

16/01075/HHD: erection of workshop and garden store. Fletcher's House 141 Abingdon Rd.-object on grounds of size/roof height and necessity for rooflights in workshop/garden store.

16/01221/HHD: alterations and erection of first floor extension; 29a High St.- comment on lack of parking and obstruction of light to adjacent properties.

16/01078/FUL: conversion of stable and store building to create a dwelling; Weavings Farm 101 Abingdon Rd. – object on grounds of back building and precedent.

7.          MINUTES

Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th April 2016, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


Roads, Newbridge – nothing further to report on Newbridge. Having made further enquiries regarding the problems in Heyford Close and the ownership of verges there it was decided that there was no further action possible by the council.

Busses, Bus Stops – Mrs. Smith said that there was nothing of substance to report and it is expected that it will be mid May before Stagecoach make any decisions. The council has been contacted by a group from Moreton in Marsh promoting what is essentially a taxi service. Mr. Naylor said that until we know the final decision on services post the July cut off it will be impossible to gauge whether this kind of service will be needed. It was agreed that Mrs. Smith will reply that Standlake cannot, at this stage, decide if this is required.

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance – the cleaning of the multi games area is complete and all agreed the contractors had done a very good job. The LWTC wish to erect a notice board (of the same design as the council board at the Post Office) adjacent to the main entrance to the tennis courts; this was approved unanimously.

Flooding/Sewers/Winter – Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Fenton and Mr. Naylor attended an on-site meeting with Thames Water. The TW position was unchanged but the contractor’s representative present was quite positive about looking for a solution. A door to door survey and the checking of water levels by monitoring private wells, boreholes etc. was suggested. It was agreed that the continual use of tankers was not ideal, either from the nuisance caused to residents or the cost to TW, but would continue to avoid the overflowing of sewage during high rainfall.

H.M. Queen Birthday – Mr Owens reported that the ODCC would be hosting an event on 12th June including afternoon tea etc.

Village Hall Car Park – nothing further to report at this meeting.

Traffic/Speeding – The matter of speeding on both Abingdon and Downs Roads was again raised by councillors. Mr. Owens suggested that an application be made for a 20 mph speed limit on both roads. Mr. Naylor was doubtful given the experience in trying to get the original speed limit on the Abingdon Road reduced from 40 mph to the current 30 mph; this was only achieved by central government intervention. The clerk will investigate the process required to request this change.

Footpaths – nothing further to report at this meeting

Highway Maintenance - nothing further to report at this meeting..

CORRESPONDENCE – objection from resident to 29a High St. planning application. OCC Highways - plan of adopted roads in Heyford Close as requested by us.

Mrs. Smith referred to a letter from WODC regarding unitary authorities and what services would be required from such a body. It was clear that the council could not make a reasonable response until the report listing proposals by the consultants (PWC) was available. However the council does wish to be consulted as the process develops.

9.          ACCOUNTS

The following accounts were approved for payment:

          Came &Co – insurance premium 2016/17                                  896.12

          G S Pascoe – new notice board at Post Office                            260.00

          Colourcourt – multi games area cleaning                                  696.00

          Absolute Solutions – mowing/litter                                          330.00


Mr. Willis has received a request from the residents of Chapel Lane for a contribution to the resurfacing of the lane which will cost £1800. Mr. Naylor said that this had arisen in the past and the council’s position then was that all unadopted roads/lanes were the responsibility of the residents residing thereon; there being many such examples in the village and it would be impossible to accommodate all requests. It was decided unanimously that the request be refused.


The clerk reminded members that the Annual Parish Meeting will be on Tuesday 14th June at 8.00pm. It was agreed that normal council meeting would commerce at 6.45pm and only deal with essential business; planning, minutes and accounts payable. There being no further business, the meeting closed at   pm.




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