Minutes of a meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Standlake Youth Club, on 3rd February 2015 at 7.00pm.


          Mr. C. Naylor                                 Chairman

          Mrs. J Clements

          Mrs. B. Smith

          Mr. N. Owens

          Mr. P. Willis

          Mr. J. Hunt


          Mr. D. Bevan                                  Clerk

          Mr. P Clements, Mrs. J. Dodds

1.          APOLOGIES - apologies were received from Mr. Rippin, Mr. C. Mathew, Mr. S. Good.

2.          PUBLIC ITEMS

Mrs. Dodds had been invited to attend by Mr. Naylor in her capacity as distributor of the Standlake News email list. She explained the history of the list in that it started as a means of informing interested residents of the campaign against more gravel extraction in Northmoor and had grown into a general information distribution list; there now being approximately 180 addresses on the list, 75% of which she estimated lived in Standlake.

Mr. Hunt suggested that this be taken over by the Parish Council but Mrs. Dodds said she was very happy to continue as the distributor and wished to do so. After some discussion it was agreed that Mrs. Dodds should continue and she agreed that it would be in everyone’s interest if she altered the email heading so that it clearly indicated that it was from Standlake News and not an individual. The clerk will liaise with Mrs. Dodds on Parish Council matters for the news and make it clear in the body of the text that replies should come back to the council.

Mr. Naylor thanked Mrs. Dodds for attending and for her work in managing the email news.

3.          COUNTY and DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S REPORTS – none present

4.          DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – there were no declarations of interest.

5.          PLANNING

15/00161/HHD: Erection of single and two storey extensions; The Morlyn, 14 Rack End Standlake – no objection

15/00224/HHD: Two storey side and rear extensions and alterations to dwelling; The Old Police House, 11 Church End Standlake – no objection.

6.          MINUTES

Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th December 2014, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.


Broadband connection at the Youth Club – Mr. Rippin has informed the council that the Youth Club committee has rejected the proposal to connect the building to the fibre link, giving reasons including refurbishment of the club kitchen as a priority and not wishing the club members to have continuous access to the Internet. The meeting discussed this at some length and expressed its astonishment that the club could turn down what amounted to a free connection to high speed broadband on the grounds stated.

While accepting that the club is an autonomous organisation and cannot be dictated to by the Parish Council, the clerk was instructed to email Mr. Rippin expressing the council’s disappointment and asking him to take this back to the committee for reconsideration; in particular recommending that the laying of the cableto the building go ahead (the cost being borne by Mr. Mathew’s offer of a grant from OCC) even if a full connection to the Gigaclear system was deferred to a later date.

Flooding, Sewers, Winter, etc. – Mr. Hunt reported that there was rubbish along the recently cleared ditch in Martin’s lane which he believed was left over from the clearance. The clerk will contact Mr. Pascoe to investigate and clear if necessary.

Busses, Bus Stops Mrs. Smith said that she had information there was a move by some residents to resurrect the matter of bus shelter provision in the village. Mrs. Smith will keep the council informed of developments..

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance Mr. Naylor will contact Mr. Pascoe to evaluate the work required to make any required repairs in the playground/recreation ground. The clerk will pass him Mr. Pascoe’s details

Traffic/Speeding Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Highway Maintenance – Mrs. Smith reported that OCC will be repairing/resurfacing Shifford Lane beyond the entrance to the Mulberry Bush School to include the private dwellings.

Footpaths Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Roads, Newbridge - The meeting discussed a letter from Mr. Benner (OCC Bridge Engineer) which suggests that Standlake consider making a contribution to the purchase and running of a new enforcement camera. This suggestion was not met with any enthusiasm, but rather than reject it out of hand the clerk was instructed to contact Northmoor PC (in whose parish the bridge is located) and ascertain their attitude to this approach if, indeed, they have received a similar letter. The clerk will then compose a draft reply to Mr. Benner including a request for the anticipated cost of replacement, the ongoing running cost and the reason why the previous camera system was a failure.

Noble Foods - Noncompliance with routing agreement – The clerk will email the District councillors to ask for an update on the routing agreement..

Local Plan – Nothing further to report at this meeting.

Village Communications –The clerk produced photographs of the proposed board and an impression of where the board may be erected alongside the bench at the Post Office. It was agreed unanimously that the board was as required and location was satisfactory. The clerk will now proceed to obtain permiossion from OCC (the landowners) and ascertain from WODC if planning permission is required; when that is confirmed he will order the board from Mr. Prickett.  Also see Public Items.

WWI Commemoration Poppies – The clerk has been in contact with the manufacturers and obtained a receipted invoice for the payment but they have not said when delivery is due.

8.             WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCE – Thanks from West Oxon CAB for donation. Request for donation from Volunteer Link Up – decision not to donate this year.

9.          ACCOUNTS

The following accounts were approved for payment::

C R Naylor – chairman’s expenses 2014/15             £304.50

10.           DIX PIT RESTORATION - Mr. Mathew has reported that, apart from some operations the Dix Pit waste site at Stanton Harcourt is closing and there are plans to restore the area, to which ideas for use are invited. This was discussed and the major ideas put forward were the provision of walking trails with paths connected to the existing Public Footpath network: in particular the Windrush Path project. In the absence of more definite information on the actual areas to be  available to the public it is difficult to make more specific proposals; the clerk will report this to Mr. Mathew.

11.           HIMALAYAN BALSAM – WINDRUSH BANK - Mrs. Smith has been approached by some residents regarding the growth of the invasive weed on the banks of the river by the church and proposing working parties to remove it. Mrs. Smith and the clerk have investigated this nuisance and unfortunately it considered to be impossible to remove permanently by any means available to the public, though it can be easily torn up but regrows quickly. The clerk has communicated with the Environment Agency but they conform that any work is the responsibility of the riparian owners and both the clerk and Mrs. Smith are of the opinion that this option would not work as blockage of the river is not considered a risk from this weed. The consensus of the meeting was that while volunteers may wish to undertake this work there are serious issues of physical access on the far bank, safety working on a steep bank and permission from the landowner to be taken into consideration; therefore the Parish Council should not formally endorse this action.

12.           EXERCISE TRAIL – Mr. Hunt suggested the identification of a trail through the village suitable for placing of exercise equipment. He said that this is very much at the idea stage but it was agreed that Mr. Hunt should examine possible routes and types of equipment


The next meeting will be on 10th March 2015 and, there being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.25 pm.



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